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Our Online Store has been serving customers for approximately 10 years. In May of 2016, we have revamped our site and are offering all new products, as our interests have changed.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us form on the site and we will do our best to respond within 24hr Monday thru Friday.

Custom Ordering
Unfortunately we do not take Custom Orders at present, as I can not provide a guarantee on the turn around time. Here's why...

From time to time, dogs in my area become lost and people look me up on Facebook to ask to help. Sometimes I can guide them over the phone to get their pup back and other times, I have to spend time tracking and capturing them. This has become a labor of love and I totally volunteer my time, resources and knowledge to getting these pups back home. There is no dollar amount that can equal, when you place that pup back into the owner's arms and the pup turns back to you and licks your face... I cry every time they are caught and brought back home.

It can mean, dropping everything and running. So it is for that reason, I offer only what I have created for sale.

As well as my escape time haha! I have a few videos on YouTube where I illustrate my time on the beach, this keeps me sane! It is my down time, my regroup & my God time when I can get away.

I have gotten totally soaked in the early spring from seeing something caught up in the waves, only to pull out a bottle mouth with a glass stopper and the cork still in it... other times, also soaked! A half of a Black Glass Insulator that is off the chart rare. Marbles have got to be one of my favourite finds and I usually get one ever visit... apothecary (glass) stoppers, kickups and chunks of Black Glass from the early 1800's never get old, finding them in the water or on the beach.


We accept Paypal only. It has the best protection for you and for us, you can use most major credit cards and we only receive the payment and shipping address.

We are proudly Canadian but, our prices listed are currently listed in USA Dollars due to the fact that most of our customers are in the USA.

We are looking to change our Currency to offer better prices to Canadians, so please check back or drop us a note.


Shipping Fees are added to your purchase(s) unless otherwise stated at the checkout. Please remember you are not just paying for the item to arrive to you. You are also paying for the packaging, the envelope or box and the transportation to the post office.

FREE Shipping offers are based on the dollar amount you spend (before tax for Canadians). Our Free Shipping does include any extra insurance to cover your purchase and a tracking number to ensure delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Shipping Cost do not include; any duties, import fees, brokerage fees, custom fees or any taxes that your country might charge you to bring items into your country. You are only paying to have us package and send the item(s).

Shipping Locations We currently only sell/ship to North America, if you are outside of the area, please contact us as we will accommodate your request. If you agree to the shipping cost, we will invoice you through Paypal.

Please contact us prior to returning any item for any reason, otherwise you will be subject to a 15% "Restocking Fee". Shipping Fees are not refunded.


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Financial Information & Third Parties
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